Military Archive Research
by Dr. Stuart C Blank
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"Military" Currencies and Government Bonds

Military Currencies (Currencies) are those that are issued by the Governments of combatant nations. It is common for Governments to issue bank notes and coins for paying their soldiers, sailors and airmen as well as the indigenous population for procurement activities.

In addition, camps such as Prisoner of War camps, internment and concentration camps are all known to have issued currencies which were used internally.

Another important aspect of military currencies are those efforts aimed at undermining the enemy's economy via counterfeiting.

Government Bonds (Government Bonds) are those bonds issued to finance the war fighting capabilities of the combatants. They are an important source of finance for the combatants and they affect the fiscal policy of the combatants. The loosing side may never redeem its bonds unlike those of the victor nation(s). Even on today's money market the Government Bonds issued by the UK during World War 2 are still given a stock market quotation.