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Review of
Images of War - The Russian Revolution World War to Civil War 1917 - 1921
By Nik Cornish
ISBN 9781848843752
Published by Pen and Sword (
GBP £14.99


This book is another outstanding addition to the Images of War series. It is a photographic review of the events in Russia during this tumulus period – from its conflict with Germany to a soul destroying civil war. Many of the images are new to English language books and they represent a superb visual record of the key proceedings.

The period of history spans the disastrous Russian-German war, the dramas of the October Revolution, the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks and the multiple sided civil war between the Reds, Whites and the other “Rainbow” fractions (such as the Blacks and Greens).

This vivid photographic record gives coverage to each of these momentous events and the book illustrates the change from the Imperial Russia of the Romanovs to the Soviet dictatorship. There are numerous contemporary photos of the key players such as Tsar Nicholas II, Kerensky, Lenin and Trotsky, other leading Bolsheviks and White Commanders such as Denikin, Kolchak, Wrangal etc.

The effects on the ordinary people who were involved (often against their will) and caught-up in these heart breaking situations are also recorded. They were often affected in numerous ways which were unforgettable. Peasants were robbed of their crops as numerous armed bands stole their valuable foodstuffs off them, civilian crowds were forcibly “contained” and common soldiers from all sides lived off the land.

There are many images of “ordinary” soldiers and civilians from across the entire geographic range of Russia. There are the faces of common soldiers fighting on multiple fronts from all sides of the conflict and theatres– such as Russia, Poland, the Baltic, the White Sea, the Black Sea and Siberia.

If you are interested in this exciting period of Russian history then this book is an essential addition to your library. It is an excellent photographic record of the period and all the key events and the leading personalities are presented. The text is easy to read and relaxing. I found it exceptionally interesting and I did not wish to put it down until I had finished it. It comes high recommended and I am sure you will appreciate the author’s marvellous work.

June 2012