Military Archive Research
by Dr. Stuart C Blank
Member of the Orders and Medals Research Society (OMRS)
Member of the Royal Air Force Historical Society (RAFHS)
Member of the Naval Historical Collectors and Research Association (NHCRA)
Member of the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS)
Member of the International Bank Note Society (IBNS)
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Medal & Militaria Identification Service

I frequently get asked what a particular medal has been awarded for and if I can identify such medals and other militaria items. Listed below are the areas to which I can help identify such badges, insignia, medals etc.

If you think that your artefact falls within the scope outlined below please forward a image of it to me and I will try to identify it.

Country / International Speciality 

Britain (UK)
Orders, Decorations and Medals (Gallantry and campaign etc)
Cap Badges
Head Dress Badges of the British Army (from c.1816 to 1979)
Infantry Collar Badges
World War 1 army badges
British Formation Badges of World War 2
Royal Naval officers' uniforms and insignia
Naval long service medals
Insignia of the RAF
Swords of the British Army (1788 to 1914)

Orders, decorations and medals 

French Campaign Medals of World War 1 

Medals of Imperial Germany
Cuff bands of Germany since 1784
Cuff bands of the SS and Third Reich Political organisations
Flags of the Third Reich
Third Reich (cloth) badges and insignia
Third Reich Medals and Decorations (military, combat, political, Nazi Party)
Edged Weapons of the Third Reich (swords & daggers)
Insignia of the SS
Insignia of the Luftwaffe
Insignia of the Kriegsmarine
The Iron Cross and variants
Ribbon bars
Third Reich Identification discs
Third Reich Warrant discs
Uniforms military and political of the Third Reich 

Irish Medals

Orders and medals of Japan and associated states 

Medals and Awards of the Sultanate of Oman

Imperial Orders, Decorations and Medals
Russian Orders, Decorations and medals of post-Imperial Russia

United States
American War Medals and Decorations
Medals for Sea Service
History of the Purple Heart

Orders, medals, decorations of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Decorations and Medals of the Republic of Vietnam and Allies 1950-75 

Yugoslavia (Serbia)
Medals and Awards

Army Badges and Insignia of World War 2 and Post WW2
Badges and Insignia of WW2 (air force, naval & marine)
Insignia of the Submarine services

Coronation and Royal Commemorative Medals
Police medals Gallantry Medals
Medals of World War 1 & 2
United Nations Medals for the Korean War
UN medals