Military Archive Research
by Dr. Stuart C Blank
Member of the Orders and Medals Research Society (OMRS)
Member of the Royal Air Force Historical Society (RAFHS)
Member of the Naval Historical Collectors and Research Association (NHCRA)
Member of the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS)
Member of the International Bank Note Society (IBNS)
Member of the International Bond and Share Society (IBSS)




Foreign Military Forces

I enjoy researching the Armed Forces of some foreign countries. In particular I concentrate on the Armed Forces of the Third Reich (Nazi Germany), Imperial Japan and Russia.

I have had an interest in the Third Reich for many years and have read extensively about its activities. During the the Third Reich paramilitary (Party) formations supplemented the traditional Armed Forces. My investigations to date have covered the Luftwaffe (Air Force), Heers (Army), Kriegsmarine (Navy) and the Schutzstaffel (SS).

I use the term "Russian" armed forces to cover the land, sea and air forces of both Imperial Russia and post-Imperial Russia. Included in these are the paramilitary forces. My principal research interests are medals, uniforms / insignia and operations. Unfortunately most of the primary research documents are held in Moscow and are in Russian. As a result of this any research I conduct uses secondary sources. 

Imperial Japan covers the period from the start of the Meiji Period until 1945 when Japan surrendered. My main research interest are the Orders and Medals of Japan and Associated States. These cover honours (orders) and campaign medals issued by Japan, Manchukuo, Korea and Mongolia.