Military Archive Research
by Dr. Stuart C Blank
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Review of
Researching British Military History on the Internet
The British Army and the Armies of the Commonwealth, Empire and Dominions

by Dr Stuart C Blank

ISBN 9780955413605 (13 digit) / ISBN 0955413605 (10 digit)
GBP £12.50 + p&p

In most family histories there has been a connection to the military somewhere in the tree. For some families, this may be due to the wars involving mass conscription or it may be due to an ancestor signing up to serve King / Queen and country. The author has been researching military history for over a decade and during this time the internet in its current format was born and has grown into the huge global phenomena it is today. The modern internet is an ideal tool for conducting research into military genealogy and history.

Nowadays, the internet is like having the world’s largest library at your fingertips and contains vast amounts of information. Some internet sites can significantly enhance people’s research and provide excellent data. This book is aimed to fulfil the void and list those sites which can add significant value to research projects regarding the British and Associated Armies. It references the high-quality internet sites that can boost researching this interesting and fascinating topic. Whether it is a war, a regiment, numismatic details (medals), archive facilities, national libraries, veterans’ organisations etc this book has referenced the better sites. If you are researching our military ancestors then this guide will certainly add value and save you time when pursuing your research topic. This book is an essential guide and must have for researchers.