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Review of
British Army Uniforms from 1751 to 1783
Including the Seven Year’s War and the American War of Independence
By Carl Franklin
Pen and Sword (
ISBN 9781848846906


To use the term “outstanding” in order to describe this work is a major understatement. The quality of the book is simply exceptional. In this detailed volume the uniforms of each cavalry and infantry regiment between 1751 and 1783 has been documented. The coverage also includes the uniforms of the Seven Year’s War and the American War of Independence.

There are numerous and plentiful illustrations throughout the book and they feature the differences from regiment to regiment. The cuts and colourings of uniform clothing are given and the book enables one to see how they changed over the period of 30 years. The distinctions of each numbered regiment of infantry and cavalry are given. The regimental facings, lace and distinctions are presented and so too are the various tartans of highland regiments.

The book has four main sections. The first deals with “Cavalry Commonalities” such as headwear, coats and jackets, buttons and lace, stocks, gloves and shirts, netherwear, accoutrements, horse furniture and weapons. Part two is also on the cavalry and it covers the Household Cavalry and the Heavy & Light Cavalry.

Parts 3 and 4 are on the Infantry. The first of these deals with “Infantry Commonalities” and there are sub-sections on the same topics as for the “Cavalry Commonalities” except for horse furniture and the Tartans of the Highland Regiments are included. The final main section then deals with the Foot Guards and Foot Regiments. There are then four Appendices covering rank distinctions, facings and loops, cavalry and infantry regiment lineage and references for the study.

This remarkable volume is an essential and vital reference work for those researchers, modellers, historians and re-enactors of the British Army of the eighteenth century. I am confident that this book is going to become the book to have on this subject and without any shadow of doubt this book is simply excellent. A terrific amount of research has gone into this book with a lot of time and effort and the end product is of a very high standard.

April 2013